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this month

  • 08.19
    Matthew starts School
  • 08.24
    Hoonie starts Daycare
  • 08.25
    Back to School Nite
  • 08.28
    Sharon's Birthday
  • 09.01
    Marissa's Birthday
  • 09.05
    Dad's Birthday
  • 09.07
    Labor Day - No School, No Work
  • 09.10
    Payday! :)
  • 09.14
    Matthew - ITBS Testing
  • 09.17
    Mom & Dad's Anniversary
  • 09.27
    Health & Safety Expo

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July 17, 2009



i am sending good positive thoughts your way and perhaps my lucky charms. missed you!

anne kim

hi rita, thanks for updating us on what's been going on. Please post pics with captions if you can, you take the most beautiful pics of your family. Sounds like you're busy, but the kids are in great hands. :) Poor hoonie, did he fall? My evan just broke his arm and in a full arm cast! I thought kids were resilient. If I don't get to talk to you, happy birthday next month. :)


wow..that's a lot to swallow right now! i just love your positive humor about life's bumps in the road! and the pictures...amazing! just wanted to stop by and say hi and thanks for the comment on my new blog. my first celebrity comment. :) good luck with your new teaching gig!


wow, you're a busy gal! congrats on the job!
and oh my, your boys are just as cute as EVER!


Well, I'm feelin' your pain. I just went back to work full-time as a Speech Pathologist in an elementary school, and in order to get my permanentteaching certificate to work in the schools, I have to take 15 hours of classes at the university - in 4 semesters - on top of working full-time - with 4 kids (17, 15, 14, and 10)- and a husband who travels some, but thankfully, is WONDERFUL about helping out at home. So, I decided that only the MOST important things would occupy my time outside of work. Which is basically my family, and church. I've cut WAAY back on my commitments and learned to say the magic word: "no". It's actually fairly liberating, I think, to be able to say "no" and not feel guilty, because, well,dangit, I just can't do it all!;p Anyway, just wanted you to know I'll be thinking of you and praying for you. It will all work out, and your little guys will do just fine. Hang in there!!


Glad to see an update from you! Sorry you had to go to work. I know you're not alone in that. I'll be a lot of SAHM's are now considering employment. I just quit my job because it was giving me a nervous breakdown trying to work full-time from home and homeschool. So now we'll be poorer but I'll be happier. :)

Love your pictures, as always! So sorry to hear about your lens and computer! Wow - that's a tough break!!!

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  • "I was kicking and screaming and yelling...because I missed you."
    Hoonie explaining one of his tantrums at daycare. Really, though, how could you be upset with him...especially after that last part? :)
  • "Because I tried to eat brother?"
    Hoonie's response when I asked him why he got in trouble. He actually bit him, haha!
  • "I need to get some more money for my collection."
    Me too, Matthew, me too! :)
  • "I don't have my eyes!"
    What Hoonie meant to say was that it was so dark he couldn't see.
  • "I'm gonna go outside to split some wood...with my shirt off."
    Um, yeah...whatever Jack! :P
  • "I prefer genius."
    Matthew's response to me when I referred to him as a Star Wars "nerd".

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