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this month

  • 08.19
    Matthew starts School
  • 08.24
    Hoonie starts Daycare
  • 08.25
    Back to School Nite
  • 08.28
    Sharon's Birthday
  • 09.01
    Marissa's Birthday
  • 09.05
    Dad's Birthday
  • 09.07
    Labor Day - No School, No Work
  • 09.10
    Payday! :)
  • 09.14
    Matthew - ITBS Testing
  • 09.17
    Mom & Dad's Anniversary
  • 09.27
    Health & Safety Expo

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February 14, 2009



LOVE the leprechaun story. You'll have to fill me in on that one - sounds like so much fun!!! Oh and BTW - your post is titled "What I love about the boys", and then the photo you've got of Jack is a shot of his whatsits....Subtle message??? hee hee!

anne kim

oh , I love all these hearing all the love between you guys. You have great kids rita, but that's because they have a great mom!! Love


Super cute card, Margaret.

angie lucas

your boys are hilarious! I love that you capture these little details...and you're a scrapbooking and card-making genius, my friend.

Tina Cockburn

Margaret! Those bookmarks and that card are so great. As Angie said, you really are genius.

Uncle Mike

And what do you love about Uncle Mike and Auntie Sharon, huh?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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  • "I was kicking and screaming and yelling...because I missed you."
    Hoonie explaining one of his tantrums at daycare. Really, though, how could you be upset with him...especially after that last part? :)
  • "Because I tried to eat brother?"
    Hoonie's response when I asked him why he got in trouble. He actually bit him, haha!
  • "I need to get some more money for my collection."
    Me too, Matthew, me too! :)
  • "I don't have my eyes!"
    What Hoonie meant to say was that it was so dark he couldn't see.
  • "I'm gonna go outside to split some wood...with my shirt off."
    Um, yeah...whatever Jack! :P
  • "I prefer genius."
    Matthew's response to me when I referred to him as a Star Wars "nerd".

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