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this month

  • 08.19
    Matthew starts School
  • 08.24
    Hoonie starts Daycare
  • 08.25
    Back to School Nite
  • 08.28
    Sharon's Birthday
  • 09.01
    Marissa's Birthday
  • 09.05
    Dad's Birthday
  • 09.07
    Labor Day - No School, No Work
  • 09.10
    Payday! :)
  • 09.14
    Matthew - ITBS Testing
  • 09.17
    Mom & Dad's Anniversary
  • 09.27
    Health & Safety Expo

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May 15, 2008



Oh that is just nasty! I do love the tiny horse on the fence watching the turkeys! :)


Where exactly do you live??? While looking at your pics, I've always thought "wow, that's a pretty place, I'd like to live there someday", after seeing the rattlesnake, I have changed my mind!

Probably a good thing to teach the little one about snakes...when I was little I would pick up anything. One time I picked up a snake and it bit me. I never told anyone. Thank goodness it wasn't poisonous! That was the last snake I ever touched.


uhm, Margaret, I'm a little bit more concerned about the headless rattlesnake in your gladware than I am about the water spots :P Heh heh. I get the willies big-time when I think about your snake hunting last year. EEEEEEEEEEEK. But I love the stories, so please keep telling them!


ICK. I'm still jealous of the creek & paddle boat, snakes & all :).

P.S. Nice turkeys. :p


Are you gonna eat out of that dish again? Please say no.


I don't believe I could live there. It's beautiful. But nothing could be beautiful enough to put up with snakes!!!!!!!! It reminds me of Indiana Jones!


dont know if you have the flag of the netherlands. amsterdam is alot of fun! beautiful city! we're going to visit windmills today!
sorry the snakes are back.
see you soon in la!
thx for everything!!


not liking the snake.

melissa deakin

i don't like him at all.
is he cut in half?
i'll be thinking of you and rooting that you win the contest, or maybe you don't want to win. not sure!


I think that headless snakes are the way forward.
Love the 'sentence enhancer' quote, my kids usually use more fruity examples, generally in very well populated playgrounds.

Linda Barber

Is that snake head separated from its bod?


Not that we don't get snakes here... I'm just avoiding them, and taking Matthew's lesson to heart, "snake, bit you!" Yup. I hear you Matthew!

BTW, don't turkeys eat snakes? Or is that pigs? LOL!

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  • "I was kicking and screaming and yelling...because I missed you."
    Hoonie explaining one of his tantrums at daycare. Really, though, how could you be upset with him...especially after that last part? :)
  • "Because I tried to eat brother?"
    Hoonie's response when I asked him why he got in trouble. He actually bit him, haha!
  • "I need to get some more money for my collection."
    Me too, Matthew, me too! :)
  • "I don't have my eyes!"
    What Hoonie meant to say was that it was so dark he couldn't see.
  • "I'm gonna go outside to split some wood...with my shirt off."
    Um, yeah...whatever Jack! :P
  • "I prefer genius."
    Matthew's response to me when I referred to him as a Star Wars "nerd".

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