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this month

  • 08.19
    Matthew starts School
  • 08.24
    Hoonie starts Daycare
  • 08.25
    Back to School Nite
  • 08.28
    Sharon's Birthday
  • 09.01
    Marissa's Birthday
  • 09.05
    Dad's Birthday
  • 09.07
    Labor Day - No School, No Work
  • 09.10
    Payday! :)
  • 09.14
    Matthew - ITBS Testing
  • 09.17
    Mom & Dad's Anniversary
  • 09.27
    Health & Safety Expo

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February 20, 2008


melissa deakin

you were successful.
love this post.
i love looking at your property.
matthew is looking so grown did it happen?
so jealous of that daffodil...won't be seeing one of those for a while!
thinking of you...

Michelle Shuman

love it :o)

makes me wish I was bored out in the country, taunting some llamas, and enjoying signs of the seasons *sigh*...maybe someday...


You did a wonderful job. I loved seeing that there is hope that spring is on its way as I sit in the Midwest with the current temps of -6 zero. Loved the pics and accompanying commentary.


You take the best pictures. I can't imagine having all those animals so close! When can I come for a visit? heehee


Yeah! Love all the photos! Jack is so handy!


Luv seeing pics of ur family and what life in the country is really like =) Hope to come up for a visit one day and get out of the hustle/bustle of city life


The rattlesnake thing makes my knees weak. I don't like worms much less rattlesnakes. I'd never leave the house!!

The photos are great and really tell a story. Nice job!

julie k

love the glimpse of spring and nature! it totally makes me want to build a little cottage in the country! ;) here's hoping last year was just an unusual 'bumper crop' of rattlesnakes, and you won't see ANY this year!! (fingers crossed for ya)! :)

anne kim

ha ha,when you write, it always puts a smile on my face. I laughed so hard with the light saber and putting fire to your property comments. SO funny girl...miss ya...when are you moving to LA? j/k I wish. :)


I love llamas!

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  • "I was kicking and screaming and yelling...because I missed you."
    Hoonie explaining one of his tantrums at daycare. Really, though, how could you be upset with him...especially after that last part? :)
  • "Because I tried to eat brother?"
    Hoonie's response when I asked him why he got in trouble. He actually bit him, haha!
  • "I need to get some more money for my collection."
    Me too, Matthew, me too! :)
  • "I don't have my eyes!"
    What Hoonie meant to say was that it was so dark he couldn't see.
  • "I'm gonna go outside to split some wood...with my shirt off."
    Um, yeah...whatever Jack! :P
  • "I prefer genius."
    Matthew's response to me when I referred to him as a Star Wars "nerd".

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