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this month

  • 08.19
    Matthew starts School
  • 08.24
    Hoonie starts Daycare
  • 08.25
    Back to School Nite
  • 08.28
    Sharon's Birthday
  • 09.01
    Marissa's Birthday
  • 09.05
    Dad's Birthday
  • 09.07
    Labor Day - No School, No Work
  • 09.10
    Payday! :)
  • 09.14
    Matthew - ITBS Testing
  • 09.17
    Mom & Dad's Anniversary
  • 09.27
    Health & Safety Expo

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September 14, 2007



As the current owner of a quirky 6 yo boy, I think you could spend the rest of your life writing an owner's manual, and still not be finished. And that's just for age 6! :)


I have 2 quirky boys (with quirky bathroom habits as well, lol) and honestly, I'd just let him go to the playdate. What's the worst that can happen? The Mom calls you to come pick him up? I'm sure he'll be FINE Margaret, without a manual. ;p Don't forget that when our kids are in other people's company, they usually behave much better than they do with their own parents! I know he'll do just great if you let him go. It's all part of letting them grow up, as much as we hate it. :)




Well I guess you never know until you let him try, huh?
I was thinking "GROSS!" when you said that about his bathroom schedule. Then I remembered teaching Sunday School last week and I overheard one of the little boys in the bathroom say something totally gross. Girls just don't do that. Apparently, that's a boy thang!

Let us know how he does! Don't worry too much.


Hmmmm...I feel a scrapbook album coming on: "Owner's Manual for Matthew Scarbrough" :)


my benchmark for a successful 'coming back for tea' as we say over here is 'no-one had to go to hospital'. I'm sure he'll make you very proud.


I'm sure if Matthew can survive rattlesnakes, woodpeckers, wild turkeys running around then he can survive the play date... LOL

melissa deakin

he will be just fine.
i love the idea of the owner's manual though.
how would i ever possibly write one for Luke?
hope all goes well!

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  • "I was kicking and screaming and yelling...because I missed you."
    Hoonie explaining one of his tantrums at daycare. Really, though, how could you be upset with him...especially after that last part? :)
  • "Because I tried to eat brother?"
    Hoonie's response when I asked him why he got in trouble. He actually bit him, haha!
  • "I need to get some more money for my collection."
    Me too, Matthew, me too! :)
  • "I don't have my eyes!"
    What Hoonie meant to say was that it was so dark he couldn't see.
  • "I'm gonna go outside to split some wood...with my shirt off."
    Um, yeah...whatever Jack! :P
  • "I prefer genius."
    Matthew's response to me when I referred to him as a Star Wars "nerd".

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